Wagons & Windmills

We were told that this wagon was used in the making of the movie The Donnor Party.
[ Looking for tractors, I found this! ]

Our first Website!
[ Where's Charlotte? ]
Below is our John Deere
1936 model A posing
in front of our
recently constructed windmill.
[ A JD 36A ]
Standing Tall
[ Too pretty to leave out. ]

Here is our 1929 John Deere model D taking its turn in front of the mill.
[ Tractors sure do like cameras! ]

Until we get some more Windmill photos, check out some of our favorite Windmill links.

John C. McCornack's Windmill site
Marilyn Black Phemister's Windmill site
A Forgotten America
American Windmill Historic Site

We would like to thank
Julius McConnell,
who has added inspiration
to our interest in windmills.
[ Julius' Yard ]

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