Tractors and Engines

In 1988, we stopped at Casa De Fruta, on CA Hwy. 152, to look at some buffalo. While there, Bill heard a sound (pop chuca chuka) in the distance. He later found this to be the now-too-familiar sound of one-cylinder engines. This grew into an interest in not only one-cylinder gas engines, but also antique-gasoline tractors.

[ A John Deere Tractor ]

Fortunately, Stacey is an understanding wife!
[ Bill's two favorite things, Stacey and old iron! ]

A view of our engine trailer.
[ Bruiser and pals ]

Columbo sitting in front of the 1936 John Deere model A.
[ Before Restoration ]

Looks a little different now, as Bill backs it into THE BARN for the first time
[ After Restoration  ]

Here is Adam practicing for the Tulare Co. Farm Show.
[ The people will show up later! ]

Bill is also a member of the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association.
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