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Throughout our Internet experience, we have enjoyed viewing many interesting photographs and websites. We would like to share a little bit about us with you. We live in Shaver Lake, CA which is approximately 60 miles northeast of Fresno at an elevation of 5800'. Bill's son Brent, who is 22, lives in Kansas City, MO where he works for an online publishing company. During a visit he helped us create this website giving us the opportunity to share some of our interests with others. Feel free to contact us with feedback, or to send us additional links you think may be of interest to us.

[Bill, Stacey, and Webmaster Brent]
(1990 Photo of our family: Bill, Stacey and Webmaster Brent)

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Our hobbies include Antique Tractors and Engines, Wagons and Windmills. We have also long been fascinated with antique barns. Unable to aquire one to reconstruct behind our house, we decided to build one from scratch! Learn the history of THE BARN.

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