The Station de WA6YPP

Modern communicator with a little media thrown in


WA6YPP -- Amateur Radio Station --- one of the voices of the Southern Sierra Mountain

The residence is solar powered 24/7
 10 solar panels are up on the roof and each of them puts out 70 watts of power per      hour hour at full sun.
 The batteries are golfcart type 6 volt each at 220 amp/hr wired in parallel for 12 volt service.
 For AC power I use a 2.5Kw stepped sinewave inverter. The backup for all this when, the sun is covered with clouds, is a 10 Kw propane generator. The output of this generator is
 120/240 volt AC and comes on line automatically when it is needed.
The station’s radio complement:
Kenwood TS-570
Elecraft K-2 QRP rig with a 30 watt or a 160 watt homebrew afterburner.

The station’s antennas:
Separate dipoles for 40, 80, 160 meter band
Cushcraft R7 vertical from 40 to 6 meter band.

Membership: ARRL, NMARK (Nemzetközi Magyar Amatőr Rádió Klub/
International Hungarian Amateur Radio Club) 
Editor of Hirmondó - an NMARK publication .               


  QTH: Tollhouse, California.

 Elevation: 2000 feet / 600 meters.



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